KRAV MAGA | Contact Combat SLC

How do I get started?

To continue to protect our Staff & Students during Covid-19 we are not be accepting new students at this time. As the State moves towards vaccinating all Utahns; we hope to eventually open up to everyone. Please Note: Proof of Covid-19 vaccination will be required. Masks will be required during training. 
Thank you for your understanding and interest.

Do I have to wear groin protection my first class?

Not for your first class, however it is strongly recommended. Both males and females will be required to wear groin protection on the next training day. It is available for purchase at the gym.

Do you sell all the equipment I need for class?

Everything you'll need to start can be purchased through the gym. We offer male and female groin protection, mouth guards, T-shirts, gi pants, patches, jump ropes and boxing gloves to get you started. (Ask about availability.) You may purchase equipment elsewhere, but you are advised to ask about gear requirements before buying.

I'm a little out of shape and not that coordinated, can I still do this?

Your attacker doesn't care; start preparing today.

What shoes can I wear on the mat to train?

Wrestling shoes are the only footwear we permit (besides socks).
You will need flip flops for the hallways and bathrooms!

Can I wear socks?

Yes, but only in the training area.
You will need flip flops for the hallways and bathrooms!

Where is your training location?

1360 S. Main Street
Salt Lake City, Utah 84115

We do not allow walk-ins at this time.

I'm not Jewish, can I still take classes?

כן Yes.

How do you pronounce Krav Maga?

It's pronounced kräv mägä and is Hebrew for contact combat. Please keep in mind that we refer to our martial art as “krav maga”, not “krav”. We do this for several reasons. Firstly, no one was given permission by either Imi Lichtenfeld or Grandmaster Haim Zut to change the name of this art. Secondly, while the literal translation of "krav maga" from Hebrew to English is "contact combat” the colloquial translation is “martial arts”. Thus, the word “krav” can be translated to mean either “combat” or “martial”. Lastly, the seriousness of our commitment to this style prevents the use of nicknames; doing so would diminish preserving the art.

Do you wear belts?

Yes. KM|CC SLC shares a commitment to the true art of Krav Maga: to properly educate fighters and to respect what the art represents to the State of Israel and its people. We remain true to the principles of Krav Maga founder Imi Lichtenfeld, which include following a belted system whereby new material and new techniques separate ranks from White through Black Belt. There are six belts in Krav Maga: Yellow, Orange, Green, Blue, Brown and Black Belt.

I trained in Krav before and want to start training at your school. Do I have to make a reservation even though it's not my first time taking Krav?

We require a reservation for everyone's first class, regardless of perceived beginner understanding–or especially if you refer to us as "Krav".

What are Gi Pants? Do I need them?

Gi Pants are a specially-designed type of pants used for martial arts. Our preference is made of ripstop material (durable and light) and have a drawstring-fitted waist. They typically are shorter in length than sweatpants and wider in cut, allowing free movement of the legs. Gi pants with a KM|CC SLC patch are required when students test to Yellow Belt.

Do you have gift certificates I can purchase for someone else?

Yes. They are a wonderful gift for someone special.

Do you take credit cards?

We do, all major credit cards including American Express. We utilize a software management system called Gym Rocket that allows our Members to set-up their accounts, allowing hassle free, automatically scheduled and processed payments. It's convenient for everyone! Members can also complete retail purchases, one-time charges, premium class fees (such as belt workshops) with multiple payment options attached to their account. 

Will I be required to sign a lengthy contract?

No. We offer several options for training–from individual classes, multiple class packages, and monthy* membership packages. *Recurring payments.

Can I just show up to my first class?

To continue to protect our Staff & Students during Covid-19 we will not be accepting new students at this time. We do not allow walk-ins at this time.

How do I make a reservation for my first class?

To continue to protect our Staff & Students during Covid-19 we will not be accepting new students at this time. We do not allow walk-ins at this time.

What is the class schedule?

See the class schedule on the Classes page.

How many times a week do I have to train per week to get good?

Training is recommended two to three times consistently per week. Less is less and more is better than less.

What are the costs to take classes?

See pricing on the Classes page.

What is a belt workshop?

Belt workshops are held prior to testing. These semi-private (limited to 6 attendees) workshops focus solely on material and preparation for tests. A minimum of 4 participants are required to hold a belt workshop and advance payment is required at time of sign-up. There are a minimum of 2 that must be attended but no maximums. Please note our 48 hr. cancellation policy.

What do I wear to my first class?

Students wear a plain black (crew neck) T-Shirt and black, long athletic pants, leggings or sweatpants. No shorts, capris, scrubs or tank tops. No street shoes will be allowed inside the gym (socks are permitted). All jewelry must be removed. Come dressed and ready to train!

What equipment will I need after my first class?

All participants are required to have groin protection, a mouth guard and a KM|CC SLC T-shirt after their first class.

Do I need a special mouth guard from my Dentist?

Maybe, if your dentist recommends it–but most students wear a single, boil-and-bite style mouth guard. We have them in stock.

What kind of boxing gloves do you use?

Because of safety and hygiene reasons ALL STUDENTS will need to have their own personal boxing or MMA gloves to use in our classes, we will no longer have general or community use equiptment.

We allow 14 oz. size, lace-up, safety sparring boxing gloves in our classes. No velcro style closures, heavy bag gloves or weighted gloves of any kind will be permitted. Please show to the Instructor (for inspection) prior to usage with your training partner. We also utilize MMA sparring gloves in our training. MMA sparring gloves must be a minimum of 7 oz. size and have a closed thumb. No open or split fingers will be permitted. 

What should I expect my first couple of classes?

Be ready to work hard, sweat and be tired by the end of class. You will learn how to effectively use your body as a weapon to minimize your chances of injury. Krav Maga training is an intense workout where the student will be physically and mentally pushed and motivated by their commitment to their training and their innate will to survive.

Do I need to bring anything else?

Please bring water. You will need flip flops for the hallways and bathrooms! No barefeet, no socks, and no wrestling shoes inside the restrooms; flip flops only! If you do not have clean flip flops you will not be permitted to use the bathrooms. Please also bring your own (personal) hand sanitizer and dissinfecting wipes/spray.

How do students progress?

Beginners should expect to train in beginner classes a minimum of four months at least twice per week before testing to Yellow Belt. Students are also encouraged to attend Yellow Belt workshops in preparation for their Yellow Belt test. Once selected to test, students will successfully execute material in a testing format before being promoted to Yellow Belt. Students follow a belted system whereby new material and new techniques separate ranks from White through Black Belt.

What's the fine print regarding the membership terms?

Class packages are non-transferable, non-refundable and cannot be extended past the expiration date. No refunds/credits.
Please note both the Zoom 5-class punch pass membership and the Zoom 10-class punch pass membership expires 3 months from date of purchase. Zoom 1 month memberships are recurring payments. 

What is Yoga Alignment?

This 1 Hr. (Zoom) practice held on Friday evenings is the perfect end to the week and a rejuvenating start to the weekend! Emphasis will be on breathwork, stability, proper alignment, and the correct biomechanics of the body. Practice lead by Heather Sky. $12. drop-in fee.
Venmo: @rebelutionyoga